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Paper Shell Submissions

Two poems published in the 10th edition of the University of British Columbia's annual literary anthology, Paper Shell. They came from a collection themed around the coming of age experiences of teens.

Published Poetry: Text


Free Form

Go to school with the kids next door,
We always put Malcolm in the middle.
Every morning I am saved by the bell,
Look forward to recess cause I’m a weekender,
Play with all the other rugrats,
The fresh prince of breaker high.
I hear it’s always sunny in Philadelphia
And I’m over this radio free Roscoe.
Maybe move and buy a full house,
If the price is right.
Prison break from my fairly odd parents.
I’m a family guy and family matters,
And I’ll miss adventure time with friends,
But I think it’s time this boy meets world.

Published Poetry: Text


Shakespearean Sonnet

My darling, I think you could be the one.
Resting on my mind, no room for ball caps.
Professed through phonics in sonnets for fun,
Construct mixtapes containing great love tracks.
And should it be pouring in the morning
We’ll lie in bed attached at the forehead
Chat and watch Netflix till it gets boring.
I’ll meet your father, drink whiskey, break bread.
Grow grey on our porch, rock and play scrabble,
Stare in silence till we’re hit by blindness
In between days of alzheimic brabble.
Geriatrics in melodic mindsets.
   It’s strange I took time to express my crush,
   When you’re just the girl I saw on the bus.

Published Poetry: Text
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